The Problem We Want To Solve

WHO has stated that medication errors  take five lives every minute. Unsafe healthcare is believed to cause 2.6 million lives annually in low and middle income countries. Also, the cost of medication errors worldwide is believed to exceed 40 billion dollars.

Limited access to healthcare providers and facilities are major factors. Limited readability and understanding of the content of medication package leaflets worsen this issue.  

Taking Responsibility and Action

Healthcare professionals and patients mishandling medicines, especially in developing countries, is a well-known issue.  

WeShare4Care has therefore engaged in creating an app with animated videos about medicines to ensure safe medication practices. 

Careanimations has experience with creating animated videos with medical information targeted towards health/social workers in India. They have offered to contribute by developing the animated videos and the app's outlook.  

A Growing Opportunity

Smartphone ownership is rapidly growing. Among citizens from selected countries with emerging economies, one study found the median to be 45% compared to 76% in advanced economies. Furthermore, UNESCO has reported encouraging results from 5,000 people across 7 developing countries regarding reading on a mobile device rather than books.

Introducing WeShare4Care

WeShare4Care is under development, and will be an app, downloadable on smartphones. It will be operational offline and contain animated videos and icons explaining essential information about each medicine. 

The target group initially is healthcare providers in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals worldwide.  Long-term patients are targeted and ultimately social and health workers in rural areas.

Use Case

Initially we are targeting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians/assistants at community and hospital pharmacies. And naturally collaborating and complying with local health authorities and pharmaceutical companies.

We will pilot test WeShare4Care to explore the impact of animated videos on the knowledge and behavior of healthcare providers. 

Our Vision

We will not settle for a use case. We want to help healthcare providers, students and patients across multiple countries. And measure the impact at clinical facilities and on patients worldwide. Thereby being the world-leader in creating animated videos for medicines. The app is initially intended to contain all frequently encountered medicines at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in developing countries. Long-term countries with developed economies will be targeted. 

How Can YOU Contribute!?

We are always pursuing new use cases, collaborators and investors. 

If you are interested in hearing more about our app, if we can help you, or you have any input to us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are always keen on discussing how to reduce medication errors worldwide. 

Only together can we make a change.